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It is a vegetable believed to raise sperm count. This vegetable was widely used to treat infertility in the olden times. It also contains vitamin C in good amount, which helps to increase sperm motility and viability. The best way of taking this lovely vegetable is as a salad.This popular choice is a rich source of magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, and protein, which are needed for more sperm production. This fruit is also rich in Bromelain, which is a powerful sexual hormone regulator that can help enhance sexual virility. Include banana in your daily diet. You can also prepare banana shakes and smoothies while enjoying its benefits and boost. male extra

Short term deficiencies of zinc can affect testosterone levels and decrease sperm volume. Cashew nuts are a rich source of zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for good health as well as for fertility in men. It is also believed to increase testosterone levels. A handful of cashew nuts won’t hurt if you include it in your diet.Known as a sexual super food, it contains sele­nium and vit­a­min B6. An antiox­i­dant mineral, sele­nium pre­vents sperm dam­age and boost your sexual virility while vitamin B6 helps to fortify the immune system and regulate hormones. Garlic is an excellent source of allicin, which increases the blood flow to the sexual organs and thus enables perfect erections. Sprinkle chopped garlic on your favorite foods for best results.Oysters are also a great source of zinc, which is needed to formulate the outer layer and tail of the sperm. 15mg of oysters a day can help to repair sperm that have been injured by chemicals engrossed from the environment and make them healthier and more effective.