Want to know Mars, why not bring back Mars Rock?

The same is the soil, why can the moon can bring back the earth, while Mars can’t?

After half a century, humans have successfully walked out of the earth and directly face the space of the universe we live. Among all the planets, our first explored planet is the first satellite of the earth. It has accompanying the earth being a year of time. For the Chinese, the beautiful story about the moon is more accompanying one generation. Another generation of people’s growth.

After 50 years ago, we realized the real manned moon. After boarding the moon, we found the moon not as beautiful as we imagined, full of life is very After the first manned moon in Apollo, I brought back the rock of the moon for scientists to study, these rocks brought back to us more about the moon.

For a planet, you can understand the history of a planet through a change in rock soil, just like the earth, the earth rock in different periods is different. It can uncover the early changes in Earth. In addition to the moon, many scientists have assigned new goals to Mars. I hope that new vitality is found on the planet of Mars mining company. After all, this red planet is sent to a high hope, think it is the next next. It is possible for human survival, there is a possibility of life in this planet. The presence of methane is detected in the curios of the Mars, which means that the planet does not seem to be as simple as we think, perhaps This desolate planet may have a continuation of life.

If you want to truly understand Mars is the most simple and convenient way, it is by taking Mars rocks and soil. However, as an elephant detector boarded the Mars, did not bring the rock of the Mars back to the earth, why is this? Why is the same soil, can the moon can bring back the earth Mars? Some people say that this may be modern science and technology, and it is not possible to bring the soil of Mars back to the earth.

In fact, at 50 years ago, we have already had such a level, and the Japanese ostrich 2 has also brought a small manner through blasting. Meteorite debris on the planet. The reason why you can’t live back to the earth, the reason is very simple, the moon and Mars are different, it is completely exposed to the entire universe environment, there is no protection of the atmosphere, so it is impossible to have life birth. , But Mars is different, it has a very thin atmosphere, and the presence of methane gas, and there is a lot of possibility of life on this planet.

If we brought back soils, there is a microbial existence, how the microorganisms are in the Mars, and what kind of impact on the human body We haveIt is known that it is like the discovery of new crown viruses, and most people have lost their lives. Based on this, Mars’s soil cannot bring back to the earth in a short time, even if we want to understand the geological composition of Mars.What do you think of this