Where can you find the best bagels in Dubai?


When it comes to breakfast choices near Bulgari Residences Dubai, some options equate to the tasty ‘crunchy and fluffy’ goodness of the bagel. If the bagel is excellent, you can’t do much to it, and it’ll always taste good! So why don’t you add anything because there are too many delicious toppings to choose from? The excellent thing is that there are various dining facilities in Dubai that either sell these baked wonders as a delicious menu favourite or specialise exclusively in them. We searched the Emirate for locations where you can get the best bagels in Dubai.

The best bagel places in Dubai

With seasonings as varied as Tandoori Chicken and Peanut Butter, you can still find a bagel in Dubai that suits your taste buds. The food shops listed below are quite famous. From tasty and sweet choices to a fast snack on the go, here’s where you can continue to find the best bagels in Dubai:

Bagel Yard

You can’t go wrong with a place that offers bagels as a speciality. At Bagel Yard Dubai, you are spoilt for choice! Inspired by Montreal’s bagel culture, this place creates tasty treats fresh and traditional. Every bagel is hand-rolled and cooked in a wood-fire. The result? A perfectly chewy bagel with a slight crunch.

Bagels and More Dubai

Specialising in “Fine Fresh Boiled Bagels,” Bagels and More are the next ones on our list. You can have your bagel plain or a tasty topping at this famous dining space. Depending on the preference, these baked items come in various variations such as Garlic, Onion and White Sesame; or you can get them all out by getting the “Everything” bagel, which blends all the ingredients and a lot more. Toppings – cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly – are often common options.

The Bagel Place

Sadly, this fantastic bagel spot doesn’t have a dining service. That being said, with a few branches around the Emirate, you’re likely to find a shop that can send to wherever you are.  Like most of the food shops on this page, The Bagel Place provides a plain range with the option of tasty or sweet toppings. Their most interesting variations are Beef Brisket, Alfalfa Sprouts, Organic Coleslaw and In-House Truffle Mayo. You can select Peanut Butter, Pineapple, Chocolate Chops and Cinnamon Sugar as seasonings for a sweeter tasting menu. Bagel Place is a perfect choice for bagel delivery to Dubai!


Eggspectation is known to be one of the best breakfast locations in Dubai. So, you can be confident that there are a few fantastic bagels on the menu. Diners have an option of two bagel-based dishes on the breakfast menu. One of them is the ‘Eggspectation Bagel Breakfast Sandwich,’ which contains a tasty fried egg sandwich with Canadian Angus beef bacon, Swiss cheese and onions.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons, the choice for one of the best sandwich shops in Dubai, also has some of the region’s best bagels. You can pick their traditional Bagel & Cream Cheese for AED 9 or spend a few extra dirhams on AED 12’s Breakfast Bagel Sandwich.

Circle Cafe

Circle Café may not be a bagel-exclusive food store, but it was initially renowned for the item before it became a famous breakfast café. With large serving sizes, bagel-based dishes provide favourite dining choices such as Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese, Grilled Halloumi and Avo. Don’t want to eat out? Circle Cafe is also considered one of the best delivery restaurants in Dubai, so you can get your favourite snack served right at your door.

Breaking Bread

If you’ve ever visited Breaking Bread, try “The Brick” – a whole-wheat bagel with smoked Beef Brisket, lettuce and pickles with baked sweet potatoes. Other than that, diners are spoiled for selection with other salads, frittatas and more.

Cafe Rider

Will you like to make your bagel meal more exciting? Head over to Café Racer, a biker-themed restaurant and one of the many exclusive coffee shops in Dubai. The ‘All Day Breakfast’ menu features a bagel breakfast, loaded with cream cheese, turkey bacon and a fried egg.


These are some of the bagels that you would not want to miss out. Buy villa in Dubai now and get the finest bagels for breakfast, or whenever you like!